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i am no prince, i am no saint, i am not anyone's wildest dream

but i will stand behind, and be someone to fall back on

Percy Weasley
22 August 1976
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Percy Weasley. 22 years old. Born in Devon, England; currently resides in London, England. Hogwarts (Gryffindor), Class of '94. Junior Assistant to Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. A little bruised, a little broken, but stronger and better for it.

Wand: Hemlock, centaur hair core, 11 inches, sturdy
Patronus: Raven
Familiar: A screech owl, Hermes
Boggart: Losing everything - his job and his family

character information: general | bete noire | the love hotel // history // relationships

This is an RP journal for betenoire_rp. I am not Percy Weasley or Hayden Christensen, and I am not affiliated with Warner Brothers or Scholastic in any way, shape, or form. No money is being made.
bete noire
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