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oh what a celebration we'll have today [open]

WHAT Party! A big street festival kinda thing!
WHERE Several blocked-off blocks in the downtown area, near the cathedral and the peace garden.
WHEN Saturday!
NOTES Tag around! Have fun! Make good choices! And if there's not a location you think should be there, MAKE IT. Feel free to have your character performing as well!
WARNINGS None yet!

He almost can't believe his eyes.

A week ago, a scene like this would have been absolutely unthinkable. There are booths serving drinks, tables loaded down with food, bright banners hanging from the streetlights and waving in the gentle breeze. The bodies are gone, and it's almost impossible to believe that this is the same city once locked in the grip of a month-long famine. Along with the booths and tables, there are stages set up on the edge of each blocked-off area, where people are performing: Muggle parlor magic, karaoke competitions, dance-offs, whatever talents they felt would be appropriate for such an occasion. This being Bete Noire, there has been more than one act that's made Percy blush and quickly walk away, but overall, mostly all-ages.

Percy smiles to himself, steps out amongst the milling crowds, listening to the chatter. Most of it is happy - of course there's some people complaining, but you can't make everyone happy. It's enough that they're fed and satisfied.

He's actually happy to be here. Happy he can make his city happy. It's a good feeling.